Weather photography is a genre that has exploded in popularity in the last several years.  Trying to compose an intriguing landscape in this area can be difficult at times, so I jumped onto the bandwagon.  When springtime rolls around though, the skies exploded with Mother Nature’s wrath.  Supercells, wall clouds, hail, and tornadoes make up the power of a thunderstorm.  I make it a point to get out when I can to capture these scenes.

Although I do not travel far from home to photograph the weather, I have been able to capture scenes in some unlikely places.   Kenton and Lake Etling is my favorite place to go, but it can be dangerous.  I have been able to capture some stunning storms in the area over the last few years that has added to my portfolio.

I have also written about weather photography to help the beginning photographer out.  You can check out one of my articles here.  Meanwhile, please enjoy my gallery of select images.

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