McGranahan Barn Bridal Shootout Oklahoma Bridal Photography Session

I recently had the pleasure of attending a bridal shootout and vendor collaboration in Yukon, Oklahoma in March.   I wanted to write a review of the event.  Before I get too deep into this review, if you want to know why you should participate in a bridal shootout as a photographer, read this recent article that I did for Improve Photography. … Read More

The Lighthouse At Lake Hefner Sunset At Lake Hefner

A LIGHTHOUSE IN OKLAHOMA? Yes, you read that correctly.  There is a lighthouse located in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma City to be exact.  It was during a trip to the city that I decided that I needed to invest a few minutes into my photography, so I made the trip to the lake. It was a Saturday evening and I had never … Read More

Oklahoma City Skyline At Night Oklahoma City Skyline At Night

A CITY SKYLINE SHOT I am somebody that resides in the middle of nowhere.  I very rarely get a chance to photograph a city skyline, but when I get the chance, I go for it.  I recently had the opportunity to photograph the night skyline of the capital of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City. The power of having a network in place … Read More

A Photographer’s Guide To Kenton And Black Mesa Kenton, Lake Etling and Black Mesa Is A Photographer's Dream Location

Black Mesa and Kenton, located in the far northwestern Oklahoma Panhandle and the surrounding area can be heaven to a photographer.  Every once in awhile in social media groups dedicated to photography, I read requests for information about the area.  Even though the Okie-Tex Star Party is held there every year, because of the dark skies, this area of Oklahoma is almost … Read More

Lake Etling Storm Senior Photography And Thunderstorms

AN OKLAHOMA DESTINATION PHOTOGRAPHY LOCATION While a lot of photographers out there find a place and stick with it to the point that they beat it down like a government mule, I have several different locations that I like to use.   I have found that for myself if I rotate my locations, my outlook and motivation stays fresh.  In … Read More