Your senior year will be overBook your senior portrait session NOW!


Each and everyone of you are unique!  There are many things that make you unique.  The clothes you wear, the car you drive, the sports you play, the subjects that interest you, the hobbies you indulge in and many other things.

Your senior portrait session should reflect all of those unique characteristics and everything that makes up who you are.

My goal for your senior portrait photography session is to use my talent and experience to capture that uniqueness.



Our babies have turned into teenagers and now they are getting ready to take on the adult world!   Where has the time gone?

Before they head out into the world, let’s chat about spending a few hours together to create some special portraits of your graduating senior.  

After the senior portrait session, we will get together once again so we can work together to design a print product order.  Need graduation announcements?  We can do that.  Need prints for family?  We can do that.  Want a piece of wall art to hang so when your senior leaves, they don’t really leave?  We can do that.


If you would like to schedule a senior portrait session consultation, please fill out the contact form and I will get ahold of you soon. Thank you!