With the coming of age of this great thing we know as the Internet, a new frontier has been established in regards to the use of images created by photographers. For many, people mistakenly believe that if they find an image through Google image search, or if they see it posted on social media, then that image is free to them to use as they see fit without contacting the artist beforehand. This can include an individual who sees a pretty picture on Facebook and decides that it should have some neat quote on it so they can share it and this can include a representative of a company who sees an image of their product posted and they believe that they are entitled to use that image to advertise their product without any compensation to the artist who created that image. The truth though is slightly different.

Under United States law, the artist, absent any agreement with a person or company, possesses full ownership of the image that they created from the moment they created it, better known as copyright and the artist can determine how someone can use their image.

I believe in showing my work for the world to see and I use social media to promote my work. My guidelines are pretty simple:

-My work may be shared unaltered, in a non-commercial manner. That means that if I post an image to social media, then people are allowed to share across their social media accounts.

-Images may not be altered in any fashion to include cropping, filters, the addition of text or removal of the watermark without my consent.

-Persons, companies and/or entities and this includes media outlets and government organizations are not allowed to use my images in any fashion to advertising themselves, their products, services, locations or for use in news stories without my consent. If I discover any image of mine being used in this manner or any other manner that I have not approved of, then appropriate action will be taken that can include but not limited to DMCA takedown notices sent to the offending party or parties and ISP’s, notice of copyright infringement, request for payment, and legal action in a court of law.

-If you have any questions about using any work created by Stanley Harper of Black Mesa Images, feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch with me. Please include the image you would like to use along with the method of use you desire.