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Several years ago, I put on my bucket list of things I wanted to accomplish was to have an image of mine selected by the magazine,  Cowboys and Indians.

Even though I shied away from most contests, I always had wanted to enter this particular one.  I appreciate the art of The West.  From the paintings and the artists who created them, such as, Frederic Remington and Steve Boaldin, to the photographers  David Stoecklein and  Matt Cohen.   There is something that appeals to me about the landscapes, the animals and the people.  Probably because I grew up in a place that was not far removed from the 1880’s.  I appreciate a damn fine western movie, and it is a reminder of a time when this country was truly free.

Funny thing is, I did not feel worthy of entering.  Each year, I would shoot and create, shoot and create, but would never enter.  I finally took the plunge in 2017.  I shied away from entering some images that I really should have entered, but I sent off five of some of my favorite night, landscape, and weather images.

Finally, January rolled around and with baited breath, I waited for the Feb/Mar 2018 issue to hit the newstands.  A few days before one could be found locally, a friend of mine found out that she had one of her images selected and published.  Then when I found a copy, I learned that one of my images got selected.

Now it is time to win the contest!

guymon, oklahoma storm

An evening thunderstorm at sunset rolls by Guymon, Oklahoma

And by the way, if you pick up a copy of the magazine and see a credit to some guy named Ronnie Dunn, yeah, the same guy.

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