The Lighthouse At Lake Hefner

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Yes, you read that correctly.  There is a lighthouse located in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma City to be exact.  It was during a trip to the city that I decided that I needed to invest a few minutes into my photography, so I made the trip to the lake.

It was a Saturday evening and I had never been there before, so I was not prepared for how difficult finding a parking spot would be.  Luckily, I was able to find one.  I looked around for awhile and there were several other photographers there.  There was a photographer shooting a model, and a photographer shooting a wedding couple.

I soon found a spot and began shooting.  I also setup my action cam and shot a time lapse.  The serene calm of the water was a great experience.

Lighthouse At Lake Hefner


***UPDATE*** I was pleasantly surprised that this image became the subject of a video put out by the guys over at Photog Adventures.  It’s a great watch and don’t worry, after I got to see the video, I let them in on the little secret about where the lighthouse is located.


The folks over at TravelOK each year publish several guides for visitors to several state parks.  I have seen the guides at Roman Nose near Watonga and they are top notch.  I submitted this image to them for their annual call for photographers and was pleased to find out that this image was one of several that were chosen for publication.


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