Stanley Harper is an award winning (county fairs count, right?) photographer based in the quaint little Oklahoma Panhandle town of Hooker.

In reality, Stanley grew up out in the far western Oklahoma Panhandle in a small town called Boise City.   Boise City’s claim to fame is being bombed by our own forces during World War II and fewer than 1% of people living in downstate Oklahoma being able to find it on a map.  

Once Stanley had his high school diploma in hand (to the shock of many, including his own family), he headed off for a life of adventure paid for by the American taxpayer.    In an enlistment that was highlighted by defending Waikiki beach and learning that southeastern Georgia is like the Oklahoma Panhandle, except with trees and humidity, Stanley was off again on his own to seek adventure, eventually landing in Hooker, Oklahoma, USA after a stint in various California locales.

At first, photography began as a hobby, then it became an obsession.  Weddings, seniors, landscapes, motorsports, action sports, weather, nightscapes; Stanley has found few genres of photography that he does not like.

My philosophy about photography is simple.  My goal is to create the most emotionally evoking images possible. 

Immersing myself into the photography community taught me one thing, that the community is unique and diverse and sharing.  

Chasing the light is what we do, no matter what genre we are focused on.  We use our medium, to capture that light.  We use our medium to evoke emotion, whether it be happy, sadness or anger.  We use our medium to teach, share and learn.  

As awesome as it may be to garner attention on social media, the real joy is making a connection with people through my work.  You can find a listing of articles that I have written for various websites here.

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