Do You Want Awesome Senior Pictures?

That is great because I love working with engaging seniors to create image galleries that stand apart from the run of the mill portraits. The senior photography session experience is all about YOU!!!!

What is included in a senior photography session?

Your senior photography session is the time where you take pause, reflect back on your life, and dream about where you are going.

We work together to create a photography session that will tell that story in pictures.  Have a classic car that is your daily driver?  Have a location that means something special to you?

We can include it all of that, and much more.  Sports, academics, best friends.

What kind of locations are available?

The locations we will go to depend on the photography session that we create.  

We could stay around your local area, and shoot around downtown and around your school.  We can shoot on the athletic fields to showcase your athletic achievements.  

We can also schedule a destination senior photography session.  A destination senior session means we will be heading somewhere outside the area.  We could head to the mountains, we could head to the beach, we could even head to another state or country.


What is included with the senior photography session?

In this day and age of digital everything, I specialize in providing clients with complete photography service. Once the session is complete, all of the final images are edited, I continue to work with the client, YOU. I have made it a point to be more provide as much as I can for photography clients. From small prints to graduation announcements to large, complimentary pieces of wall art; the process is just beginning when we are done shooting.

Are you ready to learn more about how you can have a senior photography session tailored to you? Please take a few minutes to fill out the contact form below and I will get into contact with you. Thank you.