TBL State Template 50 State 12 x 18 Landscape


I am pleased to announce the release of the “First Responder” background series for photographers and digital artists.   The “First Responder” series is a set of artistic backgrounds that can be used in lieu of the same old boring and drab backgrounds for portraits.  The files are layered .psd files that are can be tweaked by the photographer.

The two main backgrounds for this series are the TBL US flag templates and the 50 state series.

The TBL series includes the subdued US Flag with your choice of the blue, red, or yellow line.  The 50 states series is just that, a customizable background that includes the state flag of every state and the US Flag.

The backgrounds are available in several different options.  Of course, you can resize these as needed and they come in both landscape and portrait orientations.  You can also decide if you want to only purchase one background or in several different megapacks.

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