Nightscapes Nightscape Photography By Stanley Harper

Nightscape photography might rank up there as my most favorite genre of work that I do.  There is something special about heading outside, away from the lights of the city, to capture the never ending expanse of the night sky.  When the Milky Way is at it’s zenith in the sky and you can see it reach from one side of the Earth to the other in the jet black sky, well it can pretty much take your breath away.  Luckily, I live near one of the last few remaining areas of the United States that has a large expanse of land that is protected against light pollution.  I find myself making trips out into the Black Mesa region around Kenton, Oklahoma to be able to enjoy the night sky without having to suffer the glow of city lights.

Welcome to my Nightscape Gallery.  In this gallery, you will find images with the Milky Way, star trails and just regular night shots.  These images will enhance your home or office and will get the viewer talking.  These images I have created over the last several years and while all of them were created in the Oklahoma Panhandle, I will be adding images to this gallery from time to time and will be venturing out to other areas to include New Mexico and Kansas to name a few.  To enter the shopping cart area of the page to purchase a print, click on the image you wish to buy.  From there, you will be able to choose between archival print paper and metal.  The metal prints come ready to hang.  While in this section, you will also be able to scroll through the different images using the arrows located on either side of the image.

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