Macie And Colton Country Wedding Elkhart, Kansas Rural Wedding

I recently had the pleasure to be the wedding photography for Macie and Colton in Elkhart, Kansas.  We got together back over the winter for the engagement session at the family farm.  The day progressed nicely with elegant country-themed decorations throughout the room. The newlyweds headed off to San Diego, California to their honeymoon after the ceremony.  This fall, husband, … Read More

A Photographer’s Guide To Black Mesa And Kenton Learn About Black Mesa And Kenton

Black Mesa and Kenton, located in the far northwestern Oklahoma Panhandle and the surrounding area can be heaven to a photographer.  Every once in awhile in social media groups dedicated to photography, I read requests for information about the area.  Even though the Okie-Tex Star Party is held there every year, because of the dark skies, this area of Oklahoma is almost … Read More

Sunset At Kenton Kenton, Oklahoma Sunset

Over a year ago, I started a personal project.  The project was simple.  I found a spot overlooking the small Oklahoma town of Kenton.  My goal is to capture four images from this spot, looking towards Kenton with four different skies. The first image, created in 2015 was created while thunderstorms moved through the area.  Just this past spring, I … Read More